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Below is a list of regular Gearbox repairs we undertake. If your vehicle is experiencing these fault codes, dashboard messages or you are unsure of how the gearbox is performing or even if your vehicle fault is not listed call us today on 0191 2665540 and we can help.

VW, Audi, Skoda and SEAT 7 speed DSG and S-Tronic Losing Drive suddenly and oil leaking from the Gearbox. DQ200 Gearbox. Possibly the most common repair we carry out. We can turn this repair round quickly as we keep the parts in stock.

Audi Quattro 7 speed S-Tronic fitted in A4, A5, A6, A7, Q5 and all the S and RS models. 0B5 Transmission. ‘Gearbox Malfunction: Limited Functionality’ light on dash. We offer a HUGE saving from the cost of a new gearbox.

Vauxhall, Saab and Fiat 6 speed manual with ‘Noisy Bearings’. M32 Manual Gearbox. The most common manual we do and can supply all internal parts at a fraction of a new gearbox.

Mercedes 5 and 7 speed with ‘Gear Implausible’ fault code. Mercedes 722.6 and 722.9 Gearbox. May experience no gear changes and sluggish to pull away as it is stuck in 3rd gear. TCM recording an internal slip and requires a repair. Call us for help with this fault.

ZF 8 speed fitted in Audi, Jaguar, BMW and Land Rover 2010 onwards. ZF 8HP45/55/70 Gearbox. We regularly find a fast, high pitched whine noise in Reverse and the higher gears. Catch this early or renders transmission irreparable due to a collapsed geartrain. We can locate these parts and have fixed this here at AGS.

VAG and Porsche 8 speed fitted in Touareg, Cayenne and Q7 2010 onwards. TR80SD 8 speed Gearbox. Can experience vibration travelling through vehicle or stuck in one gear. We have repaired this at AGS and can get you back on the road.

BMW 6 speed manual on F Series models with ‘No Reverse gear‘. ZF GS6-45DZ Gearbox. Common repair for us and we keep the parts in stock for a quick turnaround.

Volvo and Vauxhall 5 and 6 speed with ‘Lock Up Function’ fault codes or ‘Transmission Service Required‘ on dash. Aisin Warner 55-50/51SN and TF80/81SC Gearbox. We can repair this issue and fully guarantee the rebuild for 24months.

BMW 6 speed with ‘E Clutch Monitoring’ fault code or ‘Transmission Failure‘ on dash/iDrive system. ZF 6HP19/21 and ZF 6HP26/28 Gearbox. Usually get a nasty flare on the 3 to 4 shift and bumpy 2-1 downshifts. No problem for us, we can fix this fault.

Vauxhall Astra and Antara 2010 onwards with ‘Solenoid’ fault codes. GM 6T40 Gearbox. Usually experiences no Reverse and nothing past 3rd gear. Fully repaired and guaranteed many times for Vauxhall Main Dealerships.

Renault, Citroen and PeugeotPressure Regulation’ fault code or ‘Gearbox Fault‘ on dash. DP0 4 speed Gearbox. Usually experience harsh/hard engagement into Drive or Reverse. We can repair the pressure fault and also supply a Factory reconditioned Gearbox if needs be.

Renault Traffic and Master vans with ‘Noisy Bearings’. PF6 Manual Gearbox. All internal parts available, call us now for help with this issue.

Jaguar and BMW 5 speed with ‘Stall Speed Monitoring’ fault code. ZF 5HP24 Gearbox. Usually experience a delay in Drive, then a harsh engagement into Drive and then into Recovery Mode. We can fix this so sort this early before it gets costly.

Audi Quattro 6 speed with ‘3-4 Shift Monitoring’ fault code or ‘P R N D S‘ illuminates on dash. ZF 6HP19 Gearbox. Bad flares between the gear changes. Call us to have this repaired.

Range Rover L322 and BMW X5 E53 Diesel ‘Gear Monitoring’ fault code or ‘Trans Failsafe‘ on dash. GM 5L40E Gearbox. Usually experience loss of drive. We can repair the Gearbox and have you back on the road.

Mercedes and Chrysler 5 speed with ‘Solenoid Supply Voltage’ fault code. Mercedes 722.6 Gearbox. Very common, stuck in 1st gear. We can sort out this issue and get the Gearbox going through the gears once again.

Ford, Volvo, Dodge and Mitsubishi ‘Powershift’ Double Clutch Transmission. DCT450 and DCT470 Gearbox. Clutch pack failure will give you ‘flarey’ shifts or vibration through car. We can offer a repair for this fault as well as a re-manufactured Transmission.

VW Touareg, Audi Q7 and Porsche Cayenne with ‘Violent Gear Changes’ on 4 to 5 upshift and 6 to 5 downshift. Aisin Warner TR60SN Gearbox. Very common problem and can be fixed at AGS.

Ford Galaxy, VW Sharan and Seat Alhambra experiencing ‘No Reverse’ fault. JF506E 5 speed Gearbox. Very common issue, we can repair this.

Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda DSG 6 speed with ‘Noisy Bearings’. Who said they were a sealed unit and no available parts? AGS can supply and fit the bearings.

Ford Transit 5 speed manual Rear Wheel Drive with ‘Noisy Bearings’. MT75 Manual Gearbox. We repair these regularly and carry the bits in stock.

ZF 6 speed metal sump pan conversions available for Range Rover Sport and Discovery 3. Makes future transmission servicing cheaper.

-Prevent future water/coolant ingress in your transmission, call us for a cooler conversion and a Transmission Service. Prevention is better than cure.